Ever wondered why sometimes you’re super productive... and at other times, you long for a duvet day? 

Do you notice times when you're sociable and other times irritable and wanting to be alone? 

Do you feel like there's something wrong with you for changing so often? 

What if I told you: It's supposed to be that way.... 

And Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a powerful set of wisdom practices rooted in ancient teachings, the lived experience of womb-owners, and decades of therapeutic experience, that will empower you to understand yourself and to ride the waves of your beautifully changing nature.

How this course can help you

The reality is, we're not designed to keep on going the same way, day in, day out, from week to week. 

As menstruating women, we go through enormous hormonal shifts through the month. And with each of these comes different feelings, needs and ways of being. 

When we don't know how to work with these changes rather than against them, our cycle gives us the feedback - loud and clear. And imbalances in our cycle reflects imbalances in our life ...

What can this look like? 

  • Period pain

  • Extreme exhaustion during our premenstrual week or our period

  • 'PMS': Irritability, overwhelm or depression, or physical symptoms like bloating and extremely tender breasts, during our premenstrual week

  • Feeling burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted at our ovulation time - when we 'should' be at our peak of energy!

These are just some of the ways our cycle communicates with us. Even if you don't have any of these symptoms, the way your energy and needs change throughout the month will have valuable messages for you.

Understanding and knowing how to work with the messages from our cycle, on both the obvious and the subtle levels, is the key to not only healing imbalances, but also unlocking more flow, ease and productivity in your life – without all the effort .

So if you are suffering with your cycle, or if you simply long to feel more connected to your own body and to your unique power and wisdom, then this is the course for you!

As a Red School-certified Menstruality Mentor who has healed my own PMT and severe period pain through this knowledge & set of practices, I'll support you through this process with both practical, easy-to-implement information and inspirational practices so you can start listening to your own cycle - and changing your life from the inside out.

What others say

Opportunity to return to myself

Katherine Burchill, course participant

“I learned so much from your course. I am so grateful for the opportunity to return to myself and explore my seasons with wonderment and tender care. I discovered so many pieces of self-acceptance through your wisdom. It was a truly special journey and I am slowly integrating what I have learned and hope to utilise the vast amount of tools and knowledge you offered. I only wish this is something I had participated in earlier in my journey through this life. I am so happy that I can guide my young daughter with everything you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Finally, the answers to questions I had about how I function as a woman

Mary Corazzari, course participant

“Khalsa’s beautiful course about the moon cycle really helped me in understanding various phases of the cycle and how each one impacts my mood, my energy level, my openness and so much more! I could finally find the answers to questions I had about the way I function as a woman, and I can now fully relax into it and embrace the beautiful gifts our moon cycles bring us. In my opinion this is essential self knowledge. I would have loved to receive these teachings way back before my first period, it would have changed many experiences for sure over the years! Really worth it!!"

I created more space for rest & space

Lisa Jay, workshop participant

"So many times I've mislabelled this natural flow of longing for very little and being by myself as depressed/lazy, feeling a 'no' to seeing people as overly socially anxious. Now I actually felt some joy, sometimes even slightly mischievous in feeling a 'no' and (re-)setting a boundary. I communicated to work a little less, creating space for more rest and space (and creation), together with my bleeding. It really helped to deepen my understanding and space to listen to my inner longing to do less and very little in these days and to be more welcoming towards it."

I navigate through life and my dreams with so much ease

Katie Janecko, course participant

"Khalsa's menstrual connection has helped me sooooo incredibly much with zoning in to how to navigate through life and my dreams with so much ease. Khalsa is an amazing teacher. She helped me to recognize so much more about my seasons and personality in connection to my cycle. Thank you so much for the experience of this course."

What you'll learn

The Wild Energy Currents

Discover the two 'ways' or types of energy that work through us during our menstruating years, throughout the month - and how to harness them for balance, flow and ease.

Charting your cycle using Menstrual Cycle Awareness 

MCA is a powerful Wellness and Self-Care practice, and the ultimate mindfulness practice for women. You'll learn how to use daily tracking of your cycle to discover the jewels hidden inside!

How to tune into your Inner Seasons

Explore how to map your own unique cyclical experience by working with the 4 inner archetypal seasons. Transform the shadows of these seasons into powers!

Living in harmony with your inner seasons invites more ease, inspiration, and fulfilment in your life. 

Sacred Menstruation - It All Starts Here

How Menstruation Re-Sets and Rejuvenates you - and how to allow this process naturally.

The 5 Chambers of Menstruation: how they can lead you back to yourself and uncover clarity on what's next.

 'Big Bleeds' and the 1% Principle: What to do if your life is crazy busy and you still want to experience the magic of your bleed.

The Creative Process & Your Cycle

Understanding the cycle as a microcosm of the larger cycles of life.

You'll learn about the 4 Phases of the Creative Process. Discover how your cycle can help you work and play with your creativity in all areas of your life: the projects you long to birth, the inspiration you want to express in the world, the change you want to see.  

Whether or not you see yourself as an artist of any kind, this knowledge will help you pace yourself and understand what's going on through all the projects and processes of your life. 

And if you struggle with procrastination, cyclical timing can help a lot!

You'll also explore how to free up your Creative Process from the Inner Critic  (which often shows up in the premenstrual week!).


Putting it all together! Finding your unique patterns and your needs at different times of your cycle. Practice how to navigate through with more ease and communicate to others around you about your needs.

Supplementary topics on the course will include:

Your cycle as a well-being feedback system.

Listening to your cycle and repairing problems through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Crossover days (the days between your Inner Seasons) and how to ease these often tricky transition days.

The connections between the Moon Cycle & the Menstrual Cycle

Relationships and the Menstrual Cycle: Our cycles have a huge impact on our relationships. Understanding our cycle can be revolutionary for our partnerships, family life and work life! 

Your Guide

Khalsa Morgan Nichols, Red School certified Menstruality Mentor

Menstruality Mentor

Khalsa Morgan Nichols

I am a Red School trained and certified Menstruality Mentor and have worked with women for the past 12 years on an individual and group basis. I healed my own menstrual problems using menstrual cycle awareness, including severe PMT and period pain. My intention is to help women connect with the magic and power of their menstrual cycles, to listen deeply to themselves and their bodies and to heal imbalances. I want to help create a world where women can live according to their own rhythms, in a society that supports this.

How does the course work?

  • Lessons for every learning style

    A mixture of written, video & audio content to anchor you into the practices of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, step by step.

  • 6 Videos

    Menstrual Cycle Awareness ~ The Inner Seasons ~ Healing Difficult Premenstrums ~ Connecting with your Menstruation ~ Crossover Days between Seasons ~ Creative phases linked with the cycle ~ Integration video summarising all content.

  • 3 Audio Meditations

    Guided Visualisations on The Feminine Initiatory Path ~ The 3 Wild Energy Currents ~ The 4 Inner Seasons. Plus, bonuses: Audio talk on working with your Inner Critic & freeing up your creativity ~ Menstruation magic playlist to support you to go deep!

Know yourself, heal yourself & advocate for yourself!

Start your Menstrual Cycle Awareness Journey today